Little curls

[ l i t t l e c u r l s ] Our new little thing is when we lay on the sofa together and get comfy with a blanket and we either watch your little stories on the tv or read some books together. You love all the traditional fairytales like The three little pigs, Goldilocks and the three bears and The ugly duckling. You absolutely adore books and look through a variety of different ones on a daily basis. Its so sweet watching your little fingers turn the pages and you even turn your book up the right way when its upside down, which just amazes me.

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Nothing in nature blooms all year

‘Be patient with yourself’ 🌹

I took a little unexpected break from this blog due to other ventures and an overwhelming feeling that whatever I wrote wasnt really anything to read or follow, forgetting that the sole reason for this blog is for my daughter to have a digital memory log of our days so that when she is older she can look back on her childhood. However recently I had become so engrossed in comparing myself to others and kept putting a lot of pressure on myself.

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Sunday Seven • two

Mila reading some of her books before a trip to the library for rhyme time fun

This week has been another busy week for Mila and I and we attended 3 different baby classes. Musical mayhem on Wednesday morning, stay and play on Thursday afternoon and rhyme time on Friday morning at the library. All of which were free for us to attend and at Fridays class we were also given a free book.

I’ve found that Mila loves anything musical and knew that these would be right up her street. Well I wasn’t wrong, she got fully involved and loved dancing to all of the different nursery rhymes and enjoyed playing with lots of different instruments and toys.

What classes do you take your little one to?

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Letters to my daughter • one

Darling Mila,

This afternoon we walked to the shop to run some errands and on our way back at the top of our road I found you holding onto this leaf. You looked so proud and like it was a gift so we collected some more leaves and little flowers for the rest of the way home out of the bushes and trees along our road. Next time I think we will try to include more flowers.

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